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2021 Heart & Vascular Annual Report

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The Cardio-Oncology Program provides comprehensive, collaborative heart and cancer care for patients who are currently being treated for cancer as well as cancer survivors susceptible to long-term cardiac complications. Working closely with a patient’s existing oncology care team, the Cardio-Oncology Program helps create co-managed treatment plans that balance and maximize cancer-fighting therapies with cardioprotective strategies.

Started by Dr. Ruchika Husa in 2020, the program is now expanding to other parts of Colorado, including a new clinic led by Dr. John Frank in Lafayette.

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The Cardio-Oncology Program accepts current and former cancer patients at risk of developing or progressing existing heart conditions1, including:

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The Cardio-Oncology Program continues to note excellent outcomes in patients evaluated and treated in the clinic. The program follows emerging scientific guidelines to treat patients early while focusing on a treatment model which focuses on collaboration foremost with the patient and their oncologist. The program is proud to report that 100% of the high-risk patients seen in our clinic have successfully been able to continue their lifesaving cancer therapy with the initiation of cardioprotective medications and lifestyle modifications.

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2021 Heart & Vascular Annual Report for SCL Health, now Intermountain Healthcare.

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